3 Precautions to Take to Protect Your House from Flood Damage

The weather forecast says that there’s a possibility of flood in the next few days. Now you are panicking because you don’t what to do. First, calm down and take a deep breath. There is no way you will be able to protect all your belongings unless you move the contents to a secure facility.

The bad news is that your floor boards, carpet, and wall will be damaged during the flood. However, there are plenty of professionals out there who know flood damage needs construction. Yes, there will be some damage, but your belongings can always be restored.

Let’s talk about taking precautions:

1.Move Vulnerable Things

┬áIf you have a double story house, then you are in luck. Simple move all the belongings to the upper floor so that they are not in the way of water. Move the small things first such as possessions that are quite valuable and expensive. Then, tackle the big things such as the furniture. This will help you after the flood because you won’t have to move the belongings for a remodel.

2.Safeguard Electrical Equipment

People often call professionals with the request, “My things need to be cleaned from smoke damage. Water can get into electrical sockets and equipment and cause a spark, which may result in fire. With the presence of water, it’s possible that the fire will not spread. A few major appliances that need to be protected are the HVAC system, the dishwasher, fridge, and the washing machine.

3.Avoid Sewer Backflow

The most annoying thing that most people encounter during a flood is the sewer backflow. When excessive water flows into the public sewer line, water starts backing up into the houses through the drain pipes. If you have a luxury bathroom, then you will probably have to take some big steps. Often, people call professionals with the request, “I need to move my stuff to put in new tile.

Here’s what we suggest you should do: get a backflow valve installed. The flapper attached to the valve automatically closes when it reaches above the threshold. It only takes a couple of hundred of dollars to get valves installed at each drain opening.

As an added precaution, you should get flood sensors installed in your house. These sensors will help you reduce flood damage. They work by detecting the entry of water where it shouldn’t be. The sensor will alert you immediately and you can take the necessary steps for the cleanup.

You need to be prepared when you call a contractor for remodeling your house. The process is quite long because the things that are salvageable need more attention. This is why it is better to take these precautions and save yourself the trouble.

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