Why Your Water Heater Is Leaking Water in the Garage

Most of us have our water heater located in the garage, laundry or the basement. That time when your water heater leaked, what did you do? You probably thought there was a problem with the tank and therefore, you replaced the entire system, didn’t you?

Well, we are here to tell you that figuring out where the leak is coming from is an easy job but here’s a suggestion: call the professionals to get the repair done the right way. If you find water in the garage, here are some of the causes of the water heater being the culprit:

Most of the leaks occur from the bottom of the water heater. It might be due to high temperature, the drain valve or the pressure relief valve. The problem is that when water leaks, you are not just looking at a damage water heater that requires attention immediately but the surrounding area comes in the crossfire too.

Leaking Drain Valve

At the bottom of the water heater, there’s a drain valve that is used to empty the tank when the water heater requires moving. This valve also allows you to do routine clean up. If the platform water heater sits on is wet, then the problem may lie with the drain valve. This can be identified from two things: you will see water dripping from the drain valve or from around it. Check if the valve control is closed tightly. If this doesn’t fix the leak, then you need to call a professional to get the valve replaced.

Pressure Relief Valve Leak

The function of the pressure relieve valve is to relive pressure when pressure builds inside the tank due to the hot water heater. This is a safety measure that prevents the water heater from exploding. In some water heaters, the pressure relief valve can be found at the top of the appliance and in other cases, a tube can be seen that runs from the valve to the floor to channel the running water.

If you find the contents in the garage wet, then the pressure relief valve is leaking. Check the thermostat to find out if the reading is too high. If this is not the case, then the valve will need replacing.

Leaking Tank

Without regular cleaning, the water heater is vulnerable to premature corrosion or rusting. This usually happens due to the buildup of several chemicals and salt in the sediment. As a result, pinhole leaks form in the water heater and you find the surrounding area damaged. Over time, the leak causes more damaged as the pressure makes the hole bigger. Along with dry wall wet, the standing water can destroy the foundation of the house.


If the water heater’s insulation gets damaged, you will see condensation forming on the tank. This can cause mold on the dry wall and cause problems with the thermostat. To get to the root of the leak, turn off the water heater and let it sit for the few hours. If condensation still forms when you turn on the heater, then you might need to replace the unit.

Often people call a professional crying, Water got into my home. If they had done regular maintenance, the unit might not have sprung a leak. In some cases, water in the laundry room behind the water heater is because of the stuffy atmosphere, which is why the best place to install the unit is in the garage.

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