Posts from May, 2019

  • The Havoc a Leak Can Wreak in Your House After coming back home from a week-long business trip, the first thing you notice is the wet floor . It looks like someone had a water fight because there are wet spots all over the floor. You look up and behold, there’s a big brown spot on the ceiling and cracked paint. ... Continue Reading
  • Top 3 Causes Behind the Leak Under Your Kitchen Sink Another day, another water damage problem, but it’s alright because we are here to tell you what’s causing that leak under the kitchen sink . You see, after the bathroom, the kitchen is the second room that is used the moist, so you are bound to experience some water ... Continue Reading
  • How to Deal With the Aftermath of a House Fire How to Deal With the Aftermath of a House Fire Has your dog ever knocked over a candle while you were taking a shower? Is the fire alarm not going off and the fire is slowly getting big? Maybe you caused a microwave fire by accidentally using a steel plate. Luck is surely on ... Continue Reading