Flooding Cleanup – A Small Step-By-Step Guide on How to Clean Up the Mess

After a flood, it can be quite difficult to clean and disinfect the house. The one problem that arises during the cleanup process is the lack of professional equipment. In our previous blogs, we have talked about how different types of water can affect your health and mold growth that poses numerous risks.

There are plenty of DIY disinfectants, which can help you clean the flooded areas, but what you are forgetting is that you are simply cleaning the surface. What about the water that has seeped under the floorboards and soaked the basement? Flooded houses need to be cleaned, disinfected and deodorized by professional cleaners in order to reduce the side effects of dirty water after a few weeks.

Step #1

What You Need to Do

After the flood, the first order of business is to check every room and see which one has the most water. Tackle that room first and remove the carpet, furniture and everything else from the room. Move everything to a dry surface and then remove as much water as you can. It takes about 48 hours for mold to take hold, which is why it is important to call a professional cleaning service immediately.

What about the items that cannot be cleaned?

  • If any of your costly belongings were damaged beyond repair, then take the following steps:
  • For insurance purposes, collect all the damaged items in one place and then take pictures of them
  • Any piece of cloth such as curtains, clothes, bed sheets, blankets, covers, etc., must be washed in hot soapy water and then bleached
  • If sofas and upholstered seats are slightly damaged, then clean them with shampoo and water and air-dry them
  • Submerge rugs in hot soapy water and then dry them too

Step #2

Flooded Houses Need to be Cleaned Safely

Here are a few precautions that you need to take:

  • Floodwater brings numerous types of contaminants in the house. You don’t know whether the water you are stepping in is from the streets or a gutter that overflowed. So, wear a long sleeves shirt, thick pants, rubber gloves and boots
  • Protect your nose, eyes and lungs
  • Buy an N-95 mask and goggles when cleaning mold
  • In areas where there is no more water, clean it with a disinfectant and bleach (don’t mix bleach with other commercial or DIY disinfectant solutions)
  • Open all windows in the house and turn on the fans to push out any toxic fumes from the house
  • To prevent dust from rising up in dry areas, mist down the surfaces and then wipe them with a shop vac.
  • When you are done cleaning, wash your hands with warm water and soap and then use a hand sanitizer

In kitchens and bathrooms, run the ventilators so that the air keeps moving in the house. Don’t forget to shut down electricity from the main panel. Depending on the level of water in the rooms, you can get electrocuted from an outlet that is at the bottom of the wall. Better be safe than sorry.

And that’s it. These are all the precautions that you need to take after a flood.

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