How to Handle Fire and Flood Clean Up

After the fire in your house has been put out, your first instinct is to run inside and find out what damage has been done. Hold your horses there because your house is not safe yet. There’s still a possibility that a beam or debris might come falling down and bury you in the rubble. That’s the worst case scenario. If the fire was contained, then you may enter the house and take the necessary steps to fix the damage.

When it comes to flooding, you need to act fast because the longer the water stays on the floor, the higher the chances are that your house will become a mold-infested hole. The following are a couple of tips that will help you with the fire and flood clean up.

Fire Cleanup

Getting Rid of the Smoke

Fire smoke from burnt materials can fill your house with a nasty smell that can soon become a nuisance. This smoke can cause various health problems and is very deadly to patients with asthma or other allergies. If the foundation is solid, try to remove as much debris as you can from the house. In every room, place a bowl filled with coffee grounds. These coffee grounds will absorb the smoke odor and overpower any other lingering smells.

After ensuring that there is no trapped smoke smell in the house, call a professional to clean the ductwork before you turn on the HVAC system.

Removing Damaged Items

Belongings that are damaged by fire cannot be saved. Any large scale items should be not removed until a professional has given you the green light. You don’t know how moving this item will shift the foundation and cause what kind of damage.

This is why it is better to call a professional cleanup crew that can assess the damage, make an inventory of what can be saved, start cleaning the house, and then make the necessary repairs.

Flood Cleanup

Turning Off the Electricity

The moment you feel water filling in your house from a flood, close down the electricity from the main circuit. There are plenty of appliances in your house that can electrocute you on the spot. After making sure that there’s no current running anywhere in the house, you can start removing your furniture.

Protecting Your Belongings

Find any dry surface and cover the parts that were not touched by water with sheets. Place fans everywhere in the house that need to be dried. If you have a basement, then find out what’s blocking the water. If you cannot handle this on your own, then call for emergency cleanup. These professionals use pumps to extract the water. They also use large dehumidifiers and fans to dry the area and clean the surfaces to protect them from mold.

You only need to take a few necessary steps to protect your house after a flood or a fire. The cleaning can be left to the professionals such as STOP Restoration. This cleaning and restoration company offers 24/7 emergency services for fire and flood clean up in Boulder City, Summerlin, Whitney Ranch and many other areas. Make a quick call to S.T.O.P. now at 702-803-3094 to get your house repaired and back to its former glory.