How to Mitigate Ceiling Water Damage Until Professional Help Arrives

A rainstorm hit your house last month, and you just spotted the water damage on your ceiling. You have no idea about the extent of the interior damage but on the surface, the paint is chipped and there’s a huge dark spot with mold surrounding it.

If you don’t act fast, it’s possible that the ceiling will sag and the damaged part might collapse.

Call for help, now!

If you don’t trust the local repair man, then it’s better to wait for a professional. But wait… after much research, you called someone and were told that help would arrive on the weekend. In the meantime, you can clear the area and protect your furniture.

We have a different idea. Repairing the roof is out of the question because if you poke in the wrong place, you might cause more damage. Here’s what we suggest: spot the leak, drain the area and do temporary repair work.

Step #1

Spot the Leak

So you know that the leak is coming from the attic. Grab a flashlight and run up to the attic. Shine a light above the spot from where you think the leak is coming from. If you are lucky, you will find a puddle right there in plain sight. Soak up this water with a cloth and place a bucket or tub underneath if the water is still dripping from the roof.

Measure this distance to the roof’s edge and then head up. Use this distance to map the leak on the roof. Check for any loose shingles because water might have run down and leaked inside.

Step #2

Drain the Area

As mentioned earlier, if there’s a puddle on the floor, then you are lucky. If not, here’s what you need to do to fix the ceiling water damage: once you have spotted the leak in the attic rafters, poke a hole and drain the water. This water might travel down the walls and cause further damage. Direct someone to hold a trash bag underneath, where you will poke the hole and then capture the water.

Step #3

Temporary Repair

In the attic, use roofing tape to patch up the hole. Now, head up to the roof and secure a tarp in the area where you spotted the leak. Cover a large area so that if you spotted the wrong area, further ceiling water damage can be prevented.

And this is how you protect your house when water damages your roof and interior. Follow these steps and you will be able to spot the origin of the water damage. Call your friend to work alongside with you so that the temporary repair can be done much faster.

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