A Small Guide to Why HEPA Filters Are Used in Homes and at Workplaces

Himalayan salt lamp, purifiers, and what not… have you tried everything to keep the air in your house clean? Most people don’t give HEPA filters a second thought or even a first. However, have you ever wondered why this technology is even necessary?

Well, it certainly won’t hurt to have a small device in your house that makes sure that the air you breathe is pure.

What Is a HEPA Filter?

HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter is basically an air filter that keeps allergens out of the air. The standard HEPA filter removes more or less 99.97% of large-to-small air particles that measure about 0.3 microns. Most air purification systems come with a HEPA filter as it improves the air quality in homes as well as in the office.

The importance of HEPA filters is too significant to be ignored. There are plenty of other air filters too such as pleated furnace filters, standard fiberglass, and carbon filters. Since the removal of gases and chemical fumes do not come under HEPA filters, most people use a combination of HEPA and carbon filter as it helps maintain a safe environment. A HEPA filter is used in settings such as nuclear power plants, technology industries, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, and, of course, homes.

At its best, a high-quality HEPA filter can trap 100% of the air particles and reduce pollutants in the room to almost zero.

HEPA Filter Benefits

New Parents

New parents can benefit greatly from a HEPA filter. A newborn baby has a delicate immune system and is vulnerable to respiratory issues. The filter will keep the surrounding environment clean and make sure that your baby grows up healthy.


Are you a heavy smoker? Do you often have friends over that smoke a lot? Then a HEPA filter will work to your advantage. Cigarette smoke is lighter than chemical fumes and a HEPA filter can trap it easily. In fact, it will also remove the odor and prevent the air from becoming stale with cigarette smoke.

Pet Dander

Hair and allergy causing dander from pets can be very annoying. A HEPA filter can take both of these particles and clear the air for you to sit easily with your dog.

Asthma Protection

Cigarette smoke, pet dander and other odors can be very harmful for people who are asthmatic. These people require constant clean air to remain healthy. A HEPA filter allows these individuals to make their room and house a safe environment, one that is free from any allergy-causing particles.

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