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  • Fire Safety Tips in Office | Commercial Restoration News Fire incidents are among the most detrimental workplace hazards and can cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. Fire-related accidents can also pose a significant threat to the safety of the staff. While no location is totally safe from fires, ... Continue Reading
  • Signs of a Hidden Bathroom Water Leak | Home Restoration News Do you know the signs of a hidden water leak in your bathroom? Let’s discuss them. Bathroom leaks are quite common. An obvious bathroom leak may not be a serious problem since you’ll immediately try to repair it. The most problematic leaks are those that are hiding in ... Continue Reading
  • 10 Reasons Why You Can't Afford Ignoring Water Damage Water damage should never be taken lightly. When water accumulates in your home, it can not only harm your personal belongings but also affect your health. Here are some reasons why you can’t afford to ignore water damage: Undermines the Structure Serious water damage means ... Continue Reading
  • Effects of Commercial Fire Damage | Commercial Restoration News Are you sure you and your staff are fully aware of the effects of commercial fire damage? While fire safety awareness and facilities are more accessible than ever, the number of fire hazards reported remains alarmingly high. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) ... Continue Reading
  • 7 Common Household Items That Contribute to Fire Accidents Protecting your family from potential fire hazards is the top-most priority at home. Yet, very few homeowners are aware of the fire-fueling dangers present at their homes. You’ll be surprised by how the simplest of household items can trigger or spread the already blazing ... Continue Reading
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