3 Easy Maintenance Tips on How to Prevent Mold from Growing

That’s one word that makes every person cringe in disgust, horror, anger and plenty of other emotions.

Imagine this: after taking a long vacation on the Turks and Caicos Islands, you return home and when you open the door, you are greeted to a musty and weird smell. You look in every room but can’t seem to find a source. Exhausted, you sit on the couch and lay your head back. And that’s when you see this green and brown patch on the ceiling. After squinting at the stain, it dawns on you that it is a moldy patch.

Mold spores are pretty conniving. They spread and spread and spread until you do something to minimize them. There are plenty of remediation companies that help eradicate mold but in order to prevent it from appearing again, you need to take a few precautions.

Following are three tips on how you can stop mold from spreading:

Tip #1

Identify Problem Areas

Standing water is the number one cause of mold. Inspect your house from the attic to the basement. Inspect appliances such as the AC and water heater, look for any cracks and holes in the roof and get your plumbing checked by a professional. If you find even the smallest of water stains, find its source. In some cases, mold growth can be stopped by simply ripping the carpet and in other cases; it might require excavation and waterproofing.

Tip #2

Immediately Dry Wet Areas

Let’s assume that you have wood floorboards in your house and your toddlers are constantly dropping water and food on the floorboards. If you leave any kind of liquid standing on the floorboards for long, the water will seep into the foundation and rot the wood from underneath. This will lead to mold. Small spills can be easily wiped and afterward, open the windows for drying and ventilation. In the case of a flood, it’s better to look for remediation companies for proper cleaning and drying.

Tip #3

Clean and Repair Roof Gutters

Roof gutters are the biggest culprits behind mold growth. In harsh weather, the roof gutters get blocked with dry leaves, dead insects and even rodents. It’s important to clear the blockage because this dirty water can enter through the roof cracks and stain the ceilings. This will also compromise roofing insulation, which will increase mold growth at a faster rate.

A great way to prevent mold growth in your house is to install mold-resistant products from the get-go. If you are buying a construction house or renovating an area in your house, then this safe practice can save you from a lot of trouble and health problems.

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