Consequences of Water Damage

Water Damage

Water damage can affect a home in a number of different ways. When a house is just starting to be damaged by water, it will generally be a while before the water damage finally manifests itself and by the time it does, it usually means a lot of damage has already occurred and will need costly repair.

Water damage especially for the wooden construction of the majority of houses in the USA can spell major disaster and costs. Here are some of the many problems which water damage can lead to:

Mold Growth

Sustained water leaks and the likes can cause one of the worst effects of water damage: mold growth.

Mold or mildew is fungal growth and infestation which is caused by microscopic spores everywhere.

These spores generally attack warm, damp, and dark places which are typically the areas of the house where water leaks are common. Once mold spores attack these areas, they quickly grow into colonies. This growth results in larger, more concentrated areas of fungal spores which are definitely harmful for your health. From allergic reactions to toxicity at the worst, mold is not a consequence of water damage which should be taken lightly.

Health Hazard

If the water damage is being caused by the leakage and infiltration of water from more nefarious sources like sewage and refuse water from toilet and sewerage lines, then it is a health emergency.

You can never be sure about just how long water damage has been taking place and will probably have to immediately vacate your house in such a case. Additionally, you might also have to destroy any furnishings, fittings, and property which were contacted by grey water as well as have your whole house thoroughly decontaminated since standing water can pose serious health hazards.

Damaged Wiring and Internals

Water damage can also do a serious number on your electrical internals and layouts of the home. The leaking water can get into wires and metallic components and short circuit them or rust them thus breaking down electrical access of portions of your house or stopping electricity provision.

This will call for costly electrical repairs and for new wiring to be laid out.

House Fires

Fire and water may generally be thought of as opposites, yet water damage can give rise to increased likeliness of fires. This is because when it disrupts wiring and electrical layouts, it can cause them to malfunction or behave improperly and give off sparks or catch fire.


Serious water damage, like inundation of walls, will eventually rot and decay the wood and thus weaken the structural integrity of that part of the house. Rotted wood cannot be recovered, and you will need costly woodwork to refurnish and replace it.

In light of the above, we can see that an apparently simple problem like a leaking pipe may seem like a small nuisance but can lead rise to a whole host of problems that range from minor inconveniences to life threatening problems. If you suspect water damage is taking place in your home or want to get it checked out, then contact STOP Restoration (STOP) MESA at 480-818-1440. Our team of consummate skilled professionals will take a look at all of these places thoroughly and properly seal them up so any leaks or avenues for water damage are closed off. In our hands, your house will be safe from any water damage.