Sources of Water Damage in the Home

Water Damage

Water damage is a problem which about every house faces and goes through over time just because of normal reasons like age, time and maintenance related issues over time. Many people are lax in keeping the maintenance of their house’s internals in check and this is what leads to problems like water damage.

It is thus necessary to always have regular maintenance like wiring and plumbing and drain cleaning carried out to improve the health of your house for the better. Skip out on them and you end up with problems like water damage. So, what are exactly the most common areas and sources which contribute to water damage in the home?

Leaking Pipes

Probably the most common and number one cause of water damage. Leaking pipes are a common sight in every house to the extent that they have become a fixture in pop culture for comedic or atmospheric effect. Leave the movies aside for a moment though and realize their seriousness. Leaking pipes if not corrected in time may lead to bursting and flooding which are much more difficult to reverse. Always have your pipes maintained and tightened.

Plumbing Issues

Plumbing issues and leaks in toilets are the other most common source for water damage in a household. This can be due to a number of reasons like inadequate drain cleaning which clogs pipes and leads to pressure and expansion of the pipes.

This is a much more serious form of water damage than ordinary leaking pipes since toilet pipes will be carrying sewage and refuse water. It is strictly necessary that such leaks are promptly caught and repaired otherwise the water damage from them may lead to an expensive decontamination and deep cleaning operation.

Faulty Appliances

Faulty appliances in need of repair which have to do with water like washing machines or refrigerators or air conditioning systems can also lead to water damage. A poorly maintained and choked air conditioning unit which has not been looked at in quite some time and is leaking water will stain and inflict water damage on the wall it is mounted on. If ignored the water will continue leaking continuously and in a short amount of time inundate the wall below the AC. Water inundation can cause serious problems from mold growth to rot and decay. All are costly procedures to fix.

Broken or Damaged Roofs

Roofs which are not properly maintained especially after weather conditions like storms and hail are also prime perpetrators of water damage. This is particularly so if they were damaged and have openings or cracks in them. This provides an opportune way for water to enter and slowly leak and inundate the house all the way to the foundations.


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