Ways to Fireproof Your Home

Fire Damage

Fire damage can cause unspeakable amounts of damage to your home and leave it reduced to a burning pile of cinder and rubble. What is even sadder is that in most cases, house fires could have been easily avoided and prevented if the right precautions and measures had taken place. With just a few and simple steps you can drastically reduce the chances of a fire in your house and save yourself from tragedy.

Fireproof Paint

One of the main ways in which fire spreads through a house is through the walls. The wooden walls of the house or the wallpaper can easily catch fire and that leads to the fire spreading to the roof. If not contained, this can cause the walls and even roof to collapse.

The good news is that you can easily keep this from happening if instead of wallpapers or naked wooden walls, you opt for fireproof paint. It is slower to catch fire and thus the fire does not have a chance to spread to the foundations of the house and become life-threatening.

Smoke Detectors

Faulty or barely maintained smoke detectors are one reason why many house fires erupt. Most homeowners fail to maintain and upkeep them and that comes to bite them later on when actual emergency strikes. Test them on a monthly basis and have them looked at by professionals who can check their operational status at least once a year.

Be Careful with Candles

Gone are the times when candles were the main source of light during the darker hours of the day. However, most of us still keep candles around. Whether you light them to create a better ambience in the house or want to have a candlelight dinner with your partner, it is important to be careful with them. Also, keep candles away from pets and children. This is important because candles can easily start a house fire in the blink of the eye.

Alternative Building Materials

In case you are planning to build your own home on a property, instead of wood, look into other construction materials. Modern developments and advancements in construction technology have yielded a variety of synthetic materials which work as well as wood but are both fire and water-proof.

You can opt for a concrete or brick-based structure for your house too and that will protect your entire house from turning to ash since concrete and brick normally survive the temperatures of house fires.

Wiring and Electrical Maintenance

Faulty electrical appliances, overheating toasters and ovens, exposed wiring, sparking wiring and all other such electrical concerns are some of the primary reasons why fires break out.

It is necessary that if you notice a burning smell from any electronic appliance then you immediately unplug it and send it for repair. Also, your electricians should inspect the house every few months to make sure that everything is in proper order.


Fireproofing really consists of small and simple tasks but getting them done can be the difference between life or death. If you are looking for experts who can thoroughly fireproof your house and help you locate and take care of all possible sources for a house fire then contact STOP Restoration (STOP) MESA at 480-818-1440. Give us a call and protect your house and your family against deadly house fires.