Mesa, AZ – Different Types and Categories of Water Damage You Should Know About

Are you aware of the different types of water damage? Let’s find out.

Numerous homeowners experience water damage daily. When faced with water damage, the best thing you can do is stay calm and not panic. Yes, water damage is dangerous but with the right measures, you can overcome it. The restorative tools and techniques that you use depend heavily on the kind of water damage you are dealing with.

There are different types and kinds of water damage. In the following paragraphs, we shall discuss the different types of water and the damage they cause so that you know what to do the next time you encounter water damage.

So, let’s begin.

Type # 1: Clean Water

The first type of water that can cause water damage is clean water. As the name suggests, this type of water is clean and doesn’t cause much damage to your health. This type of water damage is caused by clean water flood. Such floods are a result of faulty appliances and melting snow or rainwater. This type of water damage can be taken care of quickly, and exposure to such water doesn’t cause significant damage to your health. However, there is one thing that you can’t afford to ignore. If clean water is allowed to stagnate, it can be contaminated, which can negatively affect your health.

Broken Pipe

Type # 2: Grey Water

The second category of water damage is caused by grey water, which is also referred to as sullage. Grey water doesn’t contain fecal matter. Grey water primarily comprises water from bathtubs, sinks and washing machines. Unlike black water, grey water contains fewer pathogens. However, it does contain some contaminants, which can be dangerous to your health if it is ingested.

Grey water floods are a result of natural calamities, failure of electric appliances, and broken plumbing. Grey water can damage drywall, furniture, carpeting and porous materials in your home. When faced with grey water floods, make sure you keep yourself and your family members safe. If exposure to grey water is inevitable, wear safety gear. If the flood is out of control, make sure you assign the cleanup to a professional water damage restoration company in Mesa, AZ such as in STOP Restoration Mesa.

Type # 3: Black Water

The third and last type of water damage is black water. It is the type of water that is contaminated by pathogens, toxins and human waste. It comes from toilets and sewage pipes and contains urine and human feces. Black water is by far the most dangerous form of water damage, and it can eat up your house materials like carpets, floorings, and drywalls. If left to stay, they can make you and your family members sick very quickly.

Dealing with water damage isn’t a DIY job. Therefore, you should seek help from a professional water damage restoration company in Mesa, AZ such as STOP Restoration Mesa (#STOPMESA).

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