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Are you faced with water damage in your home, but haven’t found the right restoration company? The following tips will help you.

Water damage doesn’t only result in flooding and mold, but it also affects your everyday life. However, you can minimize the extent of damage if you can take timely action and start the repairs. To do so, you need a professional water damage restoration company, which isn’t easy to find. In this article, we will educate you on finding a professional water damage restoration company.

Let’s break it down.

1. The Restoration Company Should Take Action Immediately

If left unattended, water damage tends to worsen. Therefore, it is important to call a restoration professional such as STOP Restoration Mesa in Mesa, AZ, the moment you notice the signs. The restoration company should be able to show up immediately after your call. Furthermore, their helpline should be active 24/7. Also, they should start the repairs immediately after showing up at your place. If they fail to do so, you should seek help elsewhere.

2. They Should Be Trained, Licensed and Insured

If you are looking for water damage restoration companies in your area, make sure to look for the ones that are insured, well trained, and licensed. You must also figure out their area of expertise. Furthermore, never hesitate to enquire about how long they have been in business. They must always present you with their training certificates and documented evidence of the projects they have worked on in the past. In case they fail to present you with certificates from a reputable certification program, do not hire them.

3. They Should Have Worthy References

After water damage takes place, property owners find themselves surrounded by several unreliable restoration companies. To avoid the issue, you must be patient and look for restoration companies that have worked for local clients, some of which can be your friends or neighbors. Also, find out where they are located. Most local restoration companies in Mesa, AZ, are trustworthy and keep their promises.

4. They Must Be Fluent in Matters Related to Insurance

The most difficult part of the water damage restoration process is the insurance claim. With a lack of experience, most property owners have a hard time filing an insurance claim. Your job is to look for a restoration company that is well-versed in the matters regarding insurance and should help you come up with the necessary evidence needed for filing an insurance claim.

5. They Should Use the Latest Equipment and Techniques

The first 48 hours after water damage are extremely crucial. It is within these 48 hours that mold damage can take place. Therefore, water extraction and dehumidification of the area should be expedited. You can’t expect your restoration professionals to remove water using buckets. Only by using the finest machinery for the job can water damage and mold growth be prevented. If your restoration professionals resort to conventional methods of water removal instead of using the latest technology, consider letting them go.

Water damage isn’t something that you can ignore. If left to stay, it can result in mold growth which is bad for your house as well as your health. By keeping the aforementioned tips in mind, remember that STOP Restoration Mesa can solve the problem at hand. STOP Restoration Mesa serves the cities of Mesa, Tempe, San Tan Valley and other Phoenix Arizona cities.

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