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Fire accidents aren’t an uncommon occurrence in commercial settings, and schools are not an exception. With mischievous children to faulty electrical appliances, there are numerous reasons why fire accidents in schools take place, which is why, the school managements have an added responsibility to protect their students and their teachers from fire accidents. Therefore, they invest in fire extinguisher and water sprinklers to prevent fire accidents. In this article, we shall discuss the common fire hazards in schools.

Let’s break it down.

Electrical Appliances

One of the most common fire hazards in schools is electrical appliances. Why do you think schools discourage students from having electrical appliances like toasters, coffee machines, irons and microwave ovens in their dorm rooms? These electrical appliances heat up quickly, and if left unattended, they can start a nasty fire.

Another cause of fires is plugging several devices and extension cords in a single electrical outlet. Doing so, one can overload the electrical outlet, which can result in an electrical fire.

Hence, to avoid fires, you should strictly prohibit the use of heating appliances within dorm rooms. You should also warn your students about the downsides of plugging too many devices and extension cords in a single outlet.

Fire Extinguisher


Clutter isn’t a good thing, and it is bad for a number of reasons. However, one of the worst things about clutter is that it can lead to fire accidents. For example, if there are too many posters hanging on the wall, it can fuel a fire and spread it at a faster rate.

Furthermore, if posters and wall hangings catch fire, putting it out can be impossible. If you are the person in charge, you should limit the number of things students have in their dorm rooms or on their walls.


Lastly, one of the most common fire hazards in schools is smoking. Therefore, smoking is strictly prohibited in the school dorm rooms. However, every school or college has a bunch of disgruntled youngsters that break the rules. What they fail to realize is that smoking inside can lead to terrible accidents, which can be life threatening. If students are smoking indoors and they carelessly toss a lit cigarette, it can be more harmful than you think.

These were some of the most common fire hazards in schools. To prevent fire accidents from taking place, make sure to remove clutter and educate the children about the consequences of overloading electrical outlets and smoking indoors. Also, to prevent fire accidents from worsening or spreading, have fire extinguishers and water sprinklers in place.

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