Mesa, AZ- The Short and Long-Term Consequences of Neglecting Water Damage

Have you been ignoring a water leak in your home? Learn from STOP Restoration of Mesa about how neglecting it can result in short- and long-term consequences.

Water damage generally results from basement flooding, natural disaster flooding, or leakage in pipes hidden by walls. Continuously neglecting your leaky washing machine or refrigerator can result in water damage that can cost you a pocket in repairs. However, each event may require different approaches in terms of repair.

Since unforeseen situations can occur at any moment, your plumbing equipment and appliances can fail at some point, which can damage your home. Therefore, regardless of how minor the water damage issues may seem to you, it is not wise to ignore the problem. Instead, you should immediately contact a water damage repair company for restoration services. Prolonging dealing with the water damage after a leak, flood, or overflow will cause additional harm to your home.

Continue reading to learn the short and long-term consequences of water damage, which can arise if the issues are not addressed immediately.

1. Mold Growth
Mold is one of the most frustrating things for a homeowner to deal with. Since mold only needs moisture, ignoring a leaking roof, dripping or broken pipe, and a flooded basement over time can provide the perfect circumstances for it to grow. Any wet area that was not dried quickly (within 24 to 48 hours) can become contaminated by mold.

It can grow on any surface - clothing, carpet, and places that are hard to see, such as ceiling tiles and inside walls. If you don't remove it, the musty odor and airborne spores can spread to other areas of your home and increase certain health risks such as allergies, respiratory diseases, and even some forms of cancer.

2. High Widespread Damage
Since water can easily travel to various parts of the house, you should immediately deal with any leak or breakage. Otherwise, a minor fault can create a big hassle by affecting the integrity of your home. The overtime accumulation of water in your floor can cause it to warp and rot. It can also cause additional damage by affecting the strength of your tiles. Hence, allowing damages to intensify will result in an additional expense on repairs and restoration.

3. Structural Damage
If you let the problem aggravate long enough, you may have to repair a lot more than just a leaky pipe or hose. Standing water that is not dealt with for an extended period can affect your home's structural integrity and may require expensive contractors for repair and restoration.

Other issues that may arise when you ignore water damage include drywall problems, bacterial buildup, and electrical wiring issues.

Hire a professional company!
Now that you know the consequences of delaying the water repair, make sure to inspect your home for any broken pipe, hose, or leaking roof. You should also be in contact with a trusted and professional water damage repair company like STOP Restoration of Mesa. Servicing the Mesa, Gilbert, Tempe, and other Phoenix, AZ areas. #stopmesa #waterdamage #molddamage #flooddamage

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