Mesa, AZ- X Great COVID-19 Cleaning Tips for Businesses

With the pandemic still raging on a year later, it is essential for businesses to maintain optimal cleaning conditions. Here are some great COVID-19 cleaning tips that every business should follow.

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, most businesses and stores were closed in an effort to stop the spread of the virus. Thankfully, people across the globe came together and took on various practices like wearing masks and maintaining social distancing so we could get the situation under control. With the vaccines rolling out, we are now at a point where it has become significantly safer to open our businesses and continue normal working.

Here are some great cleaning tips to follow if you’re reopening your business.

Follow a Thorough Cleaning Plan

The very first thing you need to do is create a comprehensive plan that will tackle all of the cleaning requirements of your workplace facility. This should include a map of the whole place and all the cleaning protocols to be followed for each area. Additionally, the plan should also have ways to encourage your employees to maintain optimal hygiene and disinfect their workstations daily to prevent any health risks.

Disinfect Every Surface

From doorknobs to light switches, computer screens and attendance recording machines, every single surface should be disinfected regularly. Remember, there is a huge difference between just cleaning and disinfection. While the former simply removes dirt, dust and other impurities from different surfaces, the latter kills viruses and bacteria.

Cleaning can be done using any off-the-shelf products to make your workplace look orderly. But, when it comes to disinfection, you need to use the right formulas and heavy-duty cleaning products to ensure there are no pathogens or germs still lingering around.

Sanitary Signs

Deep Clean Over the Weekend

An excellent practice to adopt is deep cleaning every weekend. While some people may say it sounds too extensive, we have to keep in mind that proper sanitation and disinfection is the only way to fight this virus. By keeping up these protocols, we can ensure that our businesses and stores stay open, and there isn’t a need to have another lockdown that caused so many of us to face horrible losses.

So, do your best to hire a cleanup crew that offers expert deep cleaning services. They should use EPA-approved formulas and disinfectant products. Moreover, the cleaning strategies should comply with the CD requirements so you can make sure your workplace is free from any viruses, bacteria and airborne pathogens.

Doing this will give you and your employees the peace of mind needed to work efficiently and productively.

Sanitizers and Sanitation Wipes

All of your entrances and exits should have sanitizer containers installed to ensure people frequently sanitize their hands. You should also have sanitation wipes readily available and encourage your employees and colleagues to clean all surfaces before touching them.

Make sure that the hand sanitizers you provide have an alcohol content of at least 60%. Also, make it a practice to encourage people to use them as much as possible. These little actions can have a major impact on increasing the safety of your workplace.

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