Mesa, AZ- How to Clean Residential Smoke Damage

Did you recently experience a fire outbreak? Here's how you can clean the residential smoke damage!

Fires are one of the most destructive hazards that one can come into contact with. They can damage your home and property severely. Not only does the fire affect you with its flames, but its impact lingers on, long after it has been extinguished. When the fire is put out, your home doesn't become safe right after. The fire leaves behind hazardous byproducts and residential smoke on your property.

This residential smoke has a severe impact on the integrity of the home and the safety of the residents. When there's a fire outbreak, the smoke particles get attached to the furniture, walls, and any porous surface there. They penetrate inside furniture, fabric items, walls, and other household items.

The smoke also brings hazardous odors with itself. It's not easy to rid of these odors right after a fire. The smoke odors can stay inside your home for an extended period and pollute the quality of your indoor air drastically.

If you don't take immediate action to get rid of them, it can have a lasting impact on the health of the inhabitants. In this article, we are going to provide you a few tips on how to clean residential smoke damage after a fire. So, let’s dive right in!

Air out the Property

The first major step in removing the smoke odors out of your home is to air out your property. Open all your doors and windows and let the air circulate. The more ventilated your space, the quicker the smoke will go out.

Smoke in the Air

Apply Positive Pressure

Sometimes natural air is not enough to air out the smoke odors from your home. This is especially a problem in areas where the outside air pressure is much higher and the indoor air can't flow out. In that case, you should use positive pressure to force out the indoor smoke-ridden air out of your home. You can induce positive pressure by following these steps:

  • Close all the windows and doors on your property except the main entrance
  • Set up a high-power fan outside the entrance facing indoors
  • Turn on the fan to let it pressure the indoor air to get out.

Clean Everything inside Your Home

You can't get rid of smoke particles and odors without cleaning out the surfaces and objects inside your home. The objects include:

  • Fabric items
  • Doors and windows
  • Carpets and rugs
  • HVAC system
  • Furniture
  • Any solid surfaces

After you have aired out the house and cleaned out everything, make sure to repaint the house before you move back in.

Call a Fire Restoration and Smoke Damage Cleanup Company!

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