Check for Mold | STOP Port St Lucie

Mold thrives in damp, humid conditions:mold under floor

  • Bathrooms with poor ventilation. Install an exhaust fan if possible.
  • Leaky water pipes. Repair them immediately.
  • Roof leaks. Repair them right away.
  • Flood aftermath. Repair as soon as possible with professional drying.
  • Clothes dryers and exhaust fans that vent under the house or back into the room. Vent them to the outside.

Flood Damage

Houses that have been flooded are at serious risk for molds, especially in areas that have high humidity and temperatures provide the mold with the perfect place to reproduce before cleanup begins. A house flooded by an appliance leak, roof leak or many other situations and is not immediately controlled will likely suffer extreme damage from mold.

Our professional restoration company services the Port St Lucie, Stuart, Jensen Beach, Palm City, Fort Pierce and surrounding areas for mold removal, water damage, mold remediation, water extraction and structural drying.

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