4 Signs Your House Is Suffering From Mold Damage

Houses may not look like they have a mold infestation at first. But when they do, suddenly they posea health risk, causing overwhelming feelings of disgust and/or frustration to those living inside. You could be living in a Port St. Lucie, FL house with mold infestation and still not notice it, until it’s too late! Take a look at some of these signs that show you have a mold infestation and nip them right in the bud.

The Tell-Tale Signs of Molds

1. When you see it…

Mold particles and spores can be disguised as dirt or soot, so you don’t even pay attention until it starts to develop as a mold. There are many shapes and sizes of molds; they may appear like small clusters of black dots or white thread. Other molds can be grayish-brown, green, even pinkish-purple or orange. Molds can spread quickly, so if you see it, clean it up quickly, because having a mold means you are providing it conditions to grow and spread to the rest of the house.

2. Something’s fishy

When you constantly have a musty odor floating around in your house, it may be the only thing to tell you that you have mold. Inspect the house carefully for molds. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, right?

3. The Water Broke

Condensation on metal pipes and glass window surfaces are signs there is excess moisture in your house. The water may stain and cause discoloration of floors, walls and ceilings. Cracking of walls, peeling drywall and the bubbling of paint may be signs of molds growing in behind these paint bubbles and in these cracks.Excess moisture is a known cause of mold formation. It can even happen around the leak and on the ground or crevices below where the water accumulates.

4. Sniff, sniff, Aachoo!

Do you feel fine when you are at a mall, the office or spending the day at one of the beautiful beaches in the Port St. Lucie area, but your sinuses start acting up whenever you are at home? Allergy symptoms that only worsen when you are at home point towards the presence of mold in the house. Feelings of congestion, having difficulty breathing or wheezing, itching or watery eyes, runny or blocked nose, sneezing a lot and feeling drained more often are signs that you have a mold problem. People who have suffered from allergies in the past and have had a track record of a weak immune system are more susceptible to suffering from allergies and serious health problems from molds.

So make sure you have an inspection of your house for molds and get rid of it in the early stages before it gets worse. We service the Port St. Lucie, Jensen Beach, Fort Pierce, Stuart, Palm City and all surrounding areas. Call us at(772) 266-5428 and we will have a team of professionals, who are IICRC certified, right over to inspect your house for these tell-tale signs of mold infestation and get you and your house free of mold and its unpleasant odors and allergens.