Mold is a touchy subject. Sensationalized by media, just the thought of mold can cause panic. Service Team of Professionals of Port St. Lucie, FL knows that any type of mold problem can be cause for concern. Our expert mold remediation technicians are trained to safely contain, treat, and remove mold from your home.

Let’s debunk a few myths regarding what most people believe about mold…

Mold comes in a variety of colors. Just because mold happens to be black, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s toxic. Realistically, toxic forms of mold are rare. Common varieties of mold are much more likely to cause allergic reactions. Long term mold exposure, a compromised immune system, or preexisting respiratory problems can compound the effects of a mold allergy. Likewise, just because mold may be another shade of the rainbow doesn’t mean it should be handled carelessly.

Mold doesn’t need a warm environment to grow. All it needs is food and water. Don’t believe me? Go check the back corner of your fridge. That sandwich didn’t have fur on it the day you put it in there, did it? Let’s hope not! Although mold does well in temperatures ranging from 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit, it can propagate at higher and lower temperatures as well.

Mold doesn’t need darkness to thrive. It can grow perfectly fine anywhere there is enough food and water. For instance, look at the bread on your kitchen counter. It wasn’t blue and green when you bought it and your kitchen probably isn’t a cave. Mold can and will grow anywhere the conditions are right.

Bottom line: Mold should always be handled with care. Call Service Team of Professionals at(772) 266-5428. We service the Port St Lucie, Stuart, Jensen Beach, Palm City, Fort Pierce and surrounding areas to perform mold remediation in your home or office.