Is your toilet leaking? Leaky Toilets Lead to Mold

At STOP Restoration, we have completed many mold removal services as a result of leaking toilet seals. This is usually cause when the wax ring is not properly sealed on a tile floor. The leak is not constant and only occurs when you flush the toilet. The water damage starts as the water seeps under the tile and through the thin set to the walls and cabinets. Homeowners start to smell mold within their cabinets or notice baseboards that are discolored. Mobile Homes and second story bathrooms that have a wood floor get the most mold damage. I have removed many floors and bathroom cabinets with water and mold damage. The walls behind the cabinets are always bad because the water travels through the wall cavities. We can quickly identify the issue with our thermal imaging, but it is not visible to the human eye until its too late. If you smell mold or see discolored walls from mold damage in your Port St Lucie Home or Stuart condo, give Service Team of Professionals a call at 772-233-9089. We can provide leak detection and visual mold inspections before it gets worse.