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  • Tips for Mold and Water Damage Safety in Port St. Lucie, Florida Mold can occur in places where there is excess moisture. At STOP Restoration, we remind you that if you’ve had a water damage event, especially after a natural disaster such as flooding, hurricane or other water-intensive situation, there are important safety measures that ... Continue Reading
  • 4 Signs Your House Is Suffering From Mold Damage Houses may not look like they have a mold infestation at first. But when they do, suddenly they posea health risk, causing overwhelming feelings of disgust and/or frustration to those living inside. You could be living in a Port St. Lucie, FL house with mold infestation and ... Continue Reading
  • Can you paint over mold | STOP Port St Lucie Today’s Mold project was in a small AC Closet. The owner had a small leak from his AC Unit. He noticed mold on the back wall. This is where the least airflow would also be making it the perfect scenario for mold. The owner decided to pain over the mold with a mold ... Continue Reading
  • Is Your Mold Remediator also Your Mold Inspector? Never hire a mold inspection company who is also in the mold repair or in the “mold remediation” business! The company who performs the inspection and testing should be independent of any other interest in the remediation or reconstruction. This is currently the mold ... Continue Reading
  • 3 Reasons Why You Should Never Use Bleach Too Clean Mold Bleach is NOT Recommended for many Bleach is NOT Recommended for many mold issues. Chlorine bleach is often regarded as the answer for removing and halting mold growth. It is usually the first thing many reach for when cleaning a mold contaminated area. While bleach may be effective in certain applications, ... Continue Reading
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