Scrape Away the Last Mold Spore with Our Mold Removal & Remediation Services!

At STOP Restoration of Port St. Lucie, no mold can be saved from our wrath. Whether it is black mold that has spread throughout your basement or a reoccurring stubborn mold behind your bathroom door – all kinds are eliminated promptly and professionally. And what makes our services worth it is the professionalism and efficiency that we provide. So, get your mold inspected free of cost and have it cleared out once and for all!

What Causes Mold Outbreaks?

If you’ve been struggling to answer why your mold keeps reappearing, then we are here to put your worries at ease. Mold outbreaks and reoccurrences can develop due to many reasons.

  • Broken or Leaking Pipes
  • Inadequate Ventilation
  • Humidity Blooms
  • Faulty Drainage System
  • Improper Water Extraction
  • Structural Flaw in The Foundation of Your Home or Facility
  • Sewage Backups and Leaks

STOP Restoration of Port St. Lucie has its fair share of exposure and experience in the field of mold outbreaks and their remediation – 40 years to be exact.

Our certified experts can identify the type of mold with just one look. However, we go one step further and test out the spores. This ensures a foolproof method is used to exterminate the mold for good.

Our Processes

We conduct a streamlined and systematic process for our mold removal and remediation. It is however customized for each client depending on various factors such as the extent of the spread and toxicity levels – making the return on investment worth it.

Here’s how we make sure all the bases are covered.

  • We inspect and plan. We keep our clients in the loop throughout the entire process
  • Protective gear is worn at all times by our experts. We also contain the affected area to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Airflow is monitored to contain the spores.
  • The source is discovered and eliminated in the bud.
  • Mold is removed using HEPA air scrubbers along with the most suitable biocides and techniques.
  • Risks of reoccurrence are mitigated – we draw out all the moisture.
  • Disinfection and sanitation of surrounding areas are added to the process, giving you a spotless surface area.
  • Disposal of the waste and mold via industry-specific protocols.
  • Tips and guidance is provided to our clients to prevent mold outbreaks from reoccurring.

Keep yourself and your loved ones safe from the hazardous by-products of mold. From allergies, breathing problems, to eye irritation, and even toxic mold syndrome, the list is endless. Thus, restoring your property to its pre-loss state is crucial for improving the air quality and way of living. And at STOP Restoration of Port St. Lucie, we aim to do just that.

With Us at Your Assistance, A Mold Outbreak Is Sure to Think Twice Before Reappearing!

STOP Restoration of Port St. Lucie offers mold removal and remediation services across Florida. Whether it is Port St Lucie, Fort Pierce Stuart, Palm City, Jensen Beach, and the surrounding areas, we have got your back.

Contact STOP Restoration of Port St. Lucie for effective and sustainable mold removal/remediation today. Call (772) 266-5428and have us arrive at your doorstep within 90 minutes!

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