The Sneaky Beast

Water damage does not discriminate. Water damage can occur in the oldest of homes as well as the newest ones. It can occur in the middle of the day while you are at work, or in the middle of the night while you are sleeping. Water damage can happen right in front of you or it can happen when you are on vacation for two weeks. It can spread into places you would never think it could. Water damage is one of the ultimate sneaky beasts in a home. If you find yourself facing water damage in your home, call us at STOP Restoration (STOP).

STOP specializes in property restoration including water damage, fire damage, smoke, or mold damages. We know best how to take care of your home when water has infiltrated it. Water damage can be caused by a bath tub or toilet over flowing, a broken or frozen pipe, a leaking refrigerator or dishwasher line, or even a leaking roof. There are so many ways that water damage can occur in your home that it is nearly impossible to list them all here.

Sometimes there are ways to minimize the chances of water damage occurring. One way to do your best to avoid water damage in your home is to be proactive about checking things like your refrigerator or dishwasher lines regularly, or having a plumber come out once a year to check the health of your pipes. Having your roof inspected for damages, or wear and tear annually is another way to prevent water damage from occurring in your home unexpectedly. Unfortunately, sometimes water damage just cannot be prevented.

Knowing what to do if water damage does occur in your home is key to minimizing the damages. First and foremost, turn off the water source where the leak is occurring. If your roof is leaking, placing a tarp over the affected area extending up past the ridge and securing it with sandbags will help prevent further water damage on the interior of the home. If you find standing water, a wet/dry vacuum can help extract the water. Water damage can be overwhelming, and often more extensive that you think. Leaving things even slightly wet can cause microbial spores (mold) to begin to grow.

Water damage can happen to anyone at any time and place. Making sure you are aware of your water sources, and maintaining your home can help reduce your chances of it happening to you. If you are stuck with an unexpected water damage in your home, call the Professionals. We will take care of you and your home, and get you back to pre-loss condition. We are available 24/7 to help. Call STOP Restoration (STOP) at (503) 207-0334.