What is Under Your Sink?

Did you know the p-trap below the sink is a common cause of water damage in kitchens and bathrooms?

Whether the plumbing is failing causing a leak, or the trap is clogged and creates a back-up, P-Trap mishaps can cause an extensive amount of damage; Especially if not caught quickly.

Many people store all sorts of products under their sink. The cabinet is there so why not use the storage, right? One reason to minimize how much you store below the sink and P-trap is to allow you to see if any leaks begin to occur. If the cabinet is full, the risk of it leaking for an extended amount of time can cause the loss to be much larger and more expensive than it has to be.

When a loss such as this occurs, it can cause more than just surface damage. If the water is leaking for an extended period of time, you run the risk of ending up with a bathroom or kitchen that has to be completely re-done. The cabinet will warp and mold. When this occurs, the cabinet cannot be saved. Depending on the location of the leak, you could need a new bathroom vanity, or all new kitchen cabinets (the likely hood of being able to match the existing cabinets is low). If the water continued on for long enough, it could have affected the floor. If water gets underneath the floor, we would likely have to remove the flooring in order to dry out the water damage and prevent mold growth. If the leak continued on for a longer period of time, and saturated the drywall, you are likely looking as some drywall and insulation removal as well. We do our best to dry everything in place to be as minimally invasive as possible, however sometimes that just isn’t enough.

All of this work can be minimized by keeping a clear view of the p-trap and the surface below it so you can see if any leaks occur quickly before any real damage begins. We also recommend setting a schedule to do a walk through of your house and check all the p-traps under the sinks, and even check the supply lines to all the toilets to make sure there are no new leaks.

If you find yourself with a leak of this nature, call us at 503-408-1212. We are here to help 24/7.