Are you affected by flood? Do you have flood insurance? We drove around Happy Hollow area and Downtown San Jose area that was flooded. We did not see any major damage as we saw on the television. I know that media exaggerate anything and everything. I am sorry for those flood victims!

If you are one of the Flooded houses in Silicon Valley, Downtown San Jose area, we are here to help you. We can take a look at your water damages and losses. We are water restoration company who are also licensed contractor so that we can rebuild your house the way it was before the damage occurred.

After this rain, not just flooding, we heard a lot of other water damage incidents like roof leak, water coming into the house, etc… Not only just during this season, emergency water damage could occur at anytime. Anything from toilet overflow, dishwasher, or washer overflow, bath tub overflow, shower leak, etc. Anything can happen!

If you experience any water damage in Santa Clara area, we are here for you!

So, don’t hesitate, Call us, STOP of Silicon Valley at (408) 837-4247. We have trained technician standing by 24/7! We are emergency cleaning company servicing around South Bay area! We also have a team in San Francisco and North Sacramento. Even if you are outside of those areas, you can call us toll free at (408) 837-4247. I can find a team close by. We are locally owned here in Santa Clara County and nationally supported company. Our office is located by Levi’s stadium on Great America Parkway.

Look forward to be of your service!