Posts from March, 2023

  • Why Is There Water Coming Out of My Hose Spigot? The hose spigot or bib is an outdoor faucet connected directly to your property‚Äôs plumbing system. The hose spigot is integral in providing you with a water supply for outdoor activities like gardening or washing your car. One of the biggest issues of having a hose spigot is ... Continue Reading
  • My Refrigerator Is Leaking Water, What Do I Do? Is there a puddle of water on the kitchen floor? A refrigerator leaking water is likely the reason behind it. One of the most vital items in your home is the refrigerator. It serves as the hub of the kitchen, keeping drinks and perishable food products fresh and cool. While ... Continue Reading
  • If My Basement Floods, Can I Just Vacuum It Out? From a poorly sloped yard, leaky foundation, and no sump pump, to malfunctioning gutters and heav y rainfall seeping into the cracks in the foundation, there are many causes of basement floods. Because basements are located below the ground level, using only a normal vacuum ... Continue Reading
  • What Do I Do If My Pipes Freeze? From cold temperatures to snow, the winter chill affects a homeowner's life in several ways. However, frozen pipes are the scariest of them all. Your property's plumbing system comprises several pipes that provide hot or cold water to you all year long. As the temperature ... Continue Reading