The "S.TO.P. Restoration Experience" of Springfield

No, I'm not taking about a new version of the "Jimi Hendrix Experience. I surely can't play guitar like him, but I can give you my experience in dealing with FLOODED BASEMENTS. Here (like other east coast cities), we have BASEMENTS...lots and lots of them, and yes, they FLOOD.

We receive many calls this time of year here in SPRINGFIELD, and even referrals from insurance agents that their client never even called (so I end up finding out). You see, many/most of the FLOODING is caused by the wonderful heavy rains we can get here, and in most cases, the FLOOD/WATER that is flowing in your BASEMENT is not covered.

So, this leads me to the question at hand; "What do you do?"

A FLOODED BASEMENT (by definition) is an EMERGENCY SERVICE call, and since a contractor has no idea what the scope of work will end up being, it's really hard to give the client a (no pun intended) "concrete' evaluation regarding cost(s). For us here at STOP Restoration , we always start the conversation with a work information sheet. A detailed (as best we can) sheet of Q&A between the client, and us. As we "empathetically" gather the information, we systematically produce a plan on how best we can service the client with earnest diligence, accuracy, and care as we discuss our service to get you started as soon as possible.

There are so many variables in drying and cleaning a room, that a hard number is not fair to either party involved, but from our "experience" as a company that provides a value, as well as a benefit, we've experienced nothing but positive reviews. Let me give you a current example.

We're working on a job as we speak. The client is in fact insured with flood coverage, and did the dry out, as well as cleaning herself, as she was afraid of what the cost would be? She took a week off of work by moving a boat-load (no pun again intended) of contents around. She borrowed equipment from a friend, and scrubbed the walls and floors with bleach, kaboom, and Lysol. Well, if I was in her shoes, i probably would of done the same, however there's drawbacks to attempting to go it alone.

For instance, kaboom has a relatively high PH level. It's like washing your hair for a week, and never rinsing it. It leaves a fairly large residue behind, and the highly toxic WATER that entered your basement, is now basically "glued" to the material it came in contact with as the soap has it "stuck" against said material. Bleach is NEVER the answer to clean everything. The EPA states : use of Ammonia and bleach (sodium hypochlorite) cause asthma in people who breathe too much of it in . They can trigger asthma attacks in children or in people who already have asthma. They can also irritate the skin, eyes, and respiratory tract. Many products sold can have serious side-effects, and if working with these in an enclosed environment, or mixing certain chemicals can even have severe consequences. Our client had one fan, and one dehumidifier on this job, and kept them running for a month. As she stated, "my electric bill was through the roof!" In all this work, time, and money spent, the dirty category 3 water that FLOODED her BASEMENT was trapped behind her plaster walls, and now has what appears to be a black substance growing inside her wall cavities. Her agent advised her to call us, so now we're busy at work bringing her FLOODED BASEMENT back to pre-loss condition.

In closing, there are many ways we could spin this predicament. Costs are always a factor to all of us no matter what it is, and I totally understand. Our client absolutely did the best she could under the circumstances, but what did she really save? A weeks pay, a large electric bill, and loss of many valuable items? Our homes are our largest investment, so we protect this asset with all we've got, but at the end of the day, was it worth going through all the headache, tears, and stress? There's a definite benefit in at least calling a professional, and, a reputable restoration company should always be a value to all they serve (including employees). We here in SPRINGFIELDĀ at STOP Restoration, are a value as well as a benefit to all of the hundreds we've served here in the surrounding Springfield area. Give us a call anytime for a fair evaluation of whatever property need you have, and we always hope you end up with a great "STOP Restoration EXPERIENCE."