WHY Should you hire a professional for Water damage \ flood damage issues in the Springfield area : YOU ARE THE REASON WE SERVE

WHY Should you hire a professional for Water damage \ flood damage issues in the Springfield area?

Water damage clean up is a stressful situation, no doubt. When you find water dripping, leaking...even running through your house, the heart rate increases ten-fold. Take away that stress from attempting your water damage clean up yourself, and call STOP Restoration in Springfield @ (417) 228-2505.

Water damage (of all kinds) is absolutely no fun. Hearing water running in your home, or stepping on soaking wet carpet in your hallway certainly increases panic. You turn the lights on, and see water damaged drywall hanging down, first thing most do is run to the garage, and grab your wet-vac. Certainly, preserving your home is the most important task until you call STOP Restoration in Springfield, but the wet walls, carpeting, or even valuables can't be cleaned or dried with your Home Depot shop vac.

What we do when you call us here at STOP Restoration, is take all pertinent information from you over the phone. We want to know before we mobilize our team, is to know what's important to you. With water damage, time can certainly play the biggest role in getting that wet drywall out, the soaked carpet pulled up, or valuables like photos, clothing, documents, furniture off the ground and safe, before we start the necessary demo that will be required.

Can't tell you how many times we've lifted heavy furniture, soaking wet boxes, or secured sentimental valuables in a clients house before the water damage completely destroys these items. Also we factor in the safety of the people in your home as priority #1. We don't want our clients to slip on wet tile, or get their socks wet from soaked carpet padding, not to mention the wet drywall dangling from your kitchen or bathroom ceiling which can cause serious injury. In our industry, we all use the same equipment (give or take). Most if not all should have trained staff that understands applied structural drying, as well as we all pretty much work with every insurance carrier that's out there. What separates us from others is the proven systematic practices we use, in asking "YOU" the customer, what's important to you when it comes to the untimely and unfortunate issues that take place when a water loss takes place in you home. or place of business.

Wet carpet and pad. Soaked drywall or sub-flooring, and even dangling and wet drywall is important to take out, but it's all replaceable. You and your family aren't, so let STOP Restoration prove to you that we do more than dry your home, but we actually care about you, and what's important to you.