Do you know what to do when your house floods? After the initial panic (which you are entitled to), try to remain calm and be safe. DO NOT touch or walk in deep water if your electricity is still on. If there is a measurable amount of water covering the floor, this is likely a job for the best water damage company you can find in Wichita, Kansas. Your house’s long-term condition is at stake.

A shop vac and a thousand trips to the yard to dump the water will wear you out. If the source of water ran for a period of time, there are likely hundreds of gallons of water in your flooded house. A shop vac holds 3-5 gallons. Do the math and call the best water damage repair company in Wichita, STOP. STOP also serves Haysville and Andover, KS. Service Team of Professionals, owned by local father and son, Primus Singleton III and “Primus 4” is ready to serve 24/7/365 for any water damage emergency you encounter.

What makes the “best” in a water damage repair company? There are a few distinct pieces to the best water damage service which include:

  1. An honest water damage firm doesn’t pay hundreds of dollars to plumbers (or to anyone else) to find you (and then jack the price on you to cover the plumber’s high referral fee).
  2. An honest company will cooperate with your insurance company, not do exactly the opposite, planting fear in your mind of “getting ripped off” by your insurance company. 99% of insurance claim jobs in our experience were covered very well and honestly by the insurance companies.
  3. The best water damage company will bring technical competence and manners into your home. The flipside to this? Companies that elbow you out of their way (in your own home), suck water, demolish things that don’t need to be demolished, they MIGHT dry it out properly on their first try (before mold starts to grow), then leave you with a house that is a far cry from what it was “before it ever happened.”

There are many reasons why Service Team of Professionals is a growing, ethical water damage firm serving the Wichita, Kansas area. The Singletons fit right in with the national STOP brand with their honesty and attention to service. Birds of a feather flock together.

Honesty and technical competence are the two most critical elements you need in the restoration company you choose. A firm grasp of customer service and best restoration practices will leave you and your family with the most pleasant experience possible and a healthy indoor environment. These are cornerstones of the STOP brand and its franchisees across America.

You are invited to call on STOP of Wichita at(316) 227-1698 with confidence for any unfortunate situation involving water damage, smoke damage, fire damage or mold contamination. STOP is a leader in mold remediation techniques and can show you a number of ways to properly go about these indoor environmental issues.