It’s a Saturday evening. You’re enjoying popcorn and a movie with the family when you find that you suddenly have a water issue in your home. You turn off the water main and run down to the local box store and buy a couple of house fans and a shop vac. You suck up the water and place the fans to start the drying process.

You rise early Sunday morning and fix the leak. All is well . . . You’ve got everything under control and saved yourself a few bucks by doing it yourself.

Monday evening rolls around and you’re now noticing a mildew-like, moldy smell. You say to yourself, “I dried it! What’s that smell?” Sound familiar? Well, you should’ve called S.T.O.P. Restoration of Wichita, 316-304-7717.

Taking matters into your own hands isn’t a bad thing and often does help resolve the situation. Just understand that once you have taken those initial steps, it’s best to call in the professionals at S.T.O.P. Restoration of Wichita to properly handle the situation. We are just a phone call away and will thoroughly mitigate your water intrusion. If not properly dried and dealt with, your little water problem might blossom into a major mold crisis.   

MOLD -- That nasty, little, four-letter word that can be much more costly for you to resolve, and in many cases, can create illness for those family members who are mold sensitive.

Mold was once considered to be almost as dangerous as asbestos, but over the years, restoration technology protocols have tremendously improved to a point where you can be assured that the situation can be properly resolved by S.T.O.P. (Service Team of Professionals).

What exactly is mold and where does it come from? Microscopic organisms called spores are always present. When spores come in contact with water, over time they become mold. Like all living things, mold needs water in order to thrive and grow.

Your wet carpet is the perfect environment for mold growth. Your subflooring, drywall and any other organic material that is wet for an extended period can allow those ever-present spores to bloom. Although the process is much more complex and sophisticated, that’s the short version.

The key to successful mold mitigation is a quick and thorough drying.  Technicians at S.T.O.P. Restoration of Wichita have the certification, skills and equipment to dry your home and have it back to normal within a few days.  The next time you find yourself in a water-related/mold crisis, don’t fret. Take the appropriate actions and give S.T.O.P. a call at 316-304-7717.