With the recent heavy rains and storms that have hit the region, now might be a good time to recap signs that might be indicators of mold being present in your home.

If you have any suspicions of mold being in your home, the safest approach is to allow us to come by and visually inspect. If we find mold, we would recommend that you seek a certified industrial hygienist to perform an additional inspection and mold test.

If you are unaware of who to get to perform a mold test, S.T.O.P. Restoration of Wichita can recommend a certified industrial hygienist who can tell you what type of mold is in your home as well as assist us with execution of the proper protocols that are needed to rid your home of unwanted mold.

Please consider the following signs:

  • Unusual odors in your home which is a sign that there may be a releasing of organic mold compounds. Are you noticing a smell of mildew?
  • Chronic coughing which might be a sign that your upper respiratory track is impacted by a presence of mold. Some people experience throat irritation, wheezing and shortness of breath.
  • Muscle soreness is often found to be a symptom of some who are sensitive to mold. Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) can also be caused by mold, but often is misdiagnosed due to a resemblance to other diseases.
  • Seasonal allergy symptoms are intensified. People with allergies are already experiencing immune system abnormalities. Mold can make those symptoms almost seem unbearable. If you have allergies, but are noticing an increase in your symptoms, it might be mold related. Also, if you have never had allergies, but suddenly have allergy-like symptoms, it might be due to mold.
  • Skin rashes can also be a mold symptom. If you’re experiencing red, itchy skin it could be mold related.
  • Irritated, red eyes are often a mold-related issue. Mold spores need ways to enter the body and the eyes are an open doorway.
  • Stains on your walls after a recent water intrusion are almost undeniable signs of mold. The stains can be black, green, orange or white.

If you’re nodding your head in the affirmative, you should call S.T.O.P. Call us at 316-304-7717.

Just remember that 40 percent of the population is sensitive to mold with the elderly and young children being more likely to fall into that category.

With that said, if these heavy rains are causing water to enter your home, Call STOP – 316-304-7717. Don’t allow a little water damage to turn into a health risk for you and your family, because the key to mold prevention is to act fast when your home is wet and dry it out as quickly as possible. Let us help