Posts from December, 2014

  • Teamwork Whether you're considering self-employment for the first time or looking to get your existing company on a better track of growth and profitability, congratulate yourself for considering STOP water damage, smoke, fire and mold repair franchise. A STOP franchise is an ... Continue Reading
  • Why the Large Territory? Whether buying a restaurant, hair salon or lawn care franchise, people seem to want large territories. A franchise license implies an exclusive right to serve certain local populations. Then logically, without a realistic, protected territory, a franchisee would be at a ... Continue Reading
  • Goals Nobody can argue the fact that goal-oriented people go farther than those without goals. STOP wrote the book on GOALS. Our goal-oriented Master Business Plan is the start of every S.T.O.P. property damage repair franchise. Together, we plan your new business and give you the ... Continue Reading
  • Restoration Franchise Marketing in a Nutshell STOP has one goal: TO HELP YOU BUILD A COMPANY. We've been building restoration companies with our restoration marketing consulting since 1971 - in the franchise format since 1996. STOP is a restoration franchise you can bet comes with plenty of real world experience. We ... Continue Reading
  • Water Damage Franchise 101 THE BEST WAY TO CHOOSE A WATER DAMAGE FRANCHISE Understand the industry. Beware of franchises that make a water damage franchise sound easy. Recognize the talents and systems necessary to make your company stand out. UNDERSTAND THE INDUSTRY Here's the typical scenario: When ... Continue Reading
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