Posts from November, 2014

  • What is a Franchise? Everywhere you look, you see franchises. You see franchised restaurants, clothing stores, entertainment venues. And if you need your lawn cut, you can probably find a service franchise that does that. But what is a franchise? Where did these businesses come from? Are you a ... Continue Reading
  • Business Ramp-Up Franchise Shoppers are smart to research the ramp up required in a business - both in terms of effort and in calendar time. Logically, one needs to eat and pay the mortgage while ramping up their new business. Commonly, a retail business is seen as a faster ramp up than that ... Continue Reading
  • How Much Should a Service Franchise Cost? Let's start the answer to this question with a question: What would it cost a person to launch an independent service business; without the help of a franchise? With that dollar figure as a starting point, shouldn't it cost the same plus a franchise fee? An Expert is the ... Continue Reading
  • Fast Forward: The Day You Sell Your STOP Franchise The primary intention of the franchise business model, as it became popular in the 1960's and '70's, was to provide business knowledge and the systems that had been proven effective in a particular industry. Industry-specific business fundamentals can provide a "short-cut" ... Continue Reading
  • What is an FDD Franchise Disclosure Document? Part 1 in a blog series from Brian Clark, STOP Restoration As you search for the right franchise opportunity, you will learn new vocabulary. You'll hear words like Franchise Disclosure Document (or FDD for short). You'll hear about the "Items" (each followed by a number) ... Continue Reading