Posts from 2016

  • STOP Franchise Executive Talks About Branding Franchising often talks about brand: Brand Image, Brand Awareness, Brand this, Brand that... Brand Brand Brand! The idea of branding is surely something that franchising has contributed to in the past 50 years. However, I contend, after 23 years in business consulting that ... Continue Reading
  • The Low Cost of STOP (Mystery solved: We're just less greedy) The folks at S.T.O.P. have been working in the restoration industry for over four decades - not as a restoration company, but as business consultants that served the restoration industry (1971-1996). We began franchising in 1996 and in 2008, began focusing on start-up ... Continue Reading
  • 12 Helpful Hints for Buying a Franchise Choosing the right franchise is the most important task in becoming self-employed as a franchisee. Here are some simple-to-follow pointers to help you analyze your choices. Does the franchise fall into retail or Biz to Biz? Do you see yourself waiting for customers or ... Continue Reading
  • Decide and Conquer Self-Employment with Goals Decisions can be difficult. Big decisions (like choosing a franchise) can require a virtual timeout in your life in order to have clarity. A career change that considers self-employment (with a franchise or not) is a big decision. Founded by a sociology graduate, elements of ... Continue Reading