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  • Why the Restoration Industry is a Smart Investment Why is The Restoration Industry a Smart Investment? The restoration industry is more than a $200 billion industry. With predicted growth in 2021 and beyond, there’s no question why more and more individuals, companies, and equity firms are seeing restoration as a smart ... Continue Reading


  • How to Own a Water Damage Restoration Franchise The restoration industry has grown to an astonishing $210 BILLION annual market and is growing even more year after year. Disaster can strike at any moment due to storms, floods, home infrastructure, and wildfires. There will always be a need for the restoration industry. ... Continue Reading
  • Stop Restoration Provides Franchise Owners With All the Tools and Support They Need to Succeed Jennifer McDonald successfully juggles being a wife, mother, and a successful owner of STOP Restoration Gone are the days of women simply owning feminine-type businesses such as beauty and health services. In today's franchising world, women are taking over many different ... Continue Reading
  • Stop Restoration Owner John Alexander Takes Home IFA Franchisee of the Year Award IFA Franchisee of the Year Winner, John Alexander exemplifies inclusion. John Alexander owner of STOP Restoration of Charlotte North has created an environment centered on recognition and collaboration. Since opening in 2019, John has kept his employees at the core of his ... Continue Reading
  • Congratulations Stop Restoration IFA Franchisee of the Year Winner Morris Smith, Owner of Stop Restoration of Fort Worth, TX, Takes Home IFA’s Franchisee of 2021 Congratulations, Morris Smith, owner of STOP Restoration of Fort Worth, TX, on being Franchisee of the Year. With his STOP Restoration business, he has built a team of diverse ... Continue Reading


  • Home Services Industry vs. Home Services Franchise The home services industry is a network of brands that provide residential services to help homeowners keep their property in the best possible condition. From roofing, cleaning, HVAC, and plumbing to restoration, pet-sitting, and landscaping, there are an abundance of ... Continue Reading
  • Are There Too Many Restoration Companies? Most people have never suffered a water damage or fire in their home or office. So it’s logical that they’ve never heard of the water damage restoration or any type of restoration service as an industry. Until one finds themselves in the carpet cleaning business or in search ... Continue Reading
  • What is So Great About the Franchise Restoration Business? Most people don’t know that water damage, fire damage, mold and biohazard remediation is an industry. What connects these various services? Two things connect them; the first being specialized drying and cleaning knowledge. Disasters don’t clean themselves, nor can a ... Continue Reading
  • Benefits as an Owner Many people, of all ages, love the idea of being their own boss and being able to put their name on a project at the end of the day. And while many people consider the idea, some put this into action, and open their very own business. For those who are interested in ... Continue Reading