Posts from July, 2022

  • Quick Response: New Construction Water Damage One of the causes of loss during construction is water damage. This phenomenon represents a relatively large portion of risk claims among different builders. Water damage is a common occurrence in quite a number of construction projections both small and large. With timely ... Continue Reading
  • Found Mold in the House You're Selling or Buying? If you’re a realtor helping customers in the process of buying or selling a home, an inspection can reveal crucial information. As you know, findings can dramatically affect its value and even jeopardize the chance of a sale going through. STOP Restoration wants to help ... Continue Reading
  • What to Do with a Loss That's Not Covered When you’re an insurance agent or adjustor, you’re in the business of helping people in some of their toughest challenges. But there are going to be situations where you are not able to help your customers. It’s so hard to have to tell someone that their policy won’t cover a ... Continue Reading