Posts from January, 2016

  • STOP Restoration in Spokane, WA Is More Than Property Restoration Fire damage restoration can be a lengthy and complicated process. One of the most extensive fire damages I have witnessed was caused by a chimney fire in January. The entire house was affected by smoke and fire damage. Our fire damage restoration technicians had their work ... Continue Reading
  • STOP Restoration in Albuquerque, New Mexico As our families grow and change, we have more events, holiday parties, baking, cooking, and shopping to do. No one has time to slow down when disaster strikes. Water damage, mold, or smoke and fire damage really do put a damper on holiday festivities. And they just won't ... Continue Reading
  • STOP Restoration in Mesa, Arizona Can Handle the Weather Remember the last big rainstorm? You know, the one that reminded you that your home isn't as waterproof as you thought? We rarely think about how leak proof our roof, walls, and foundation are until there is a problem. Then, the rain stops, the water dries up, and we forget ... Continue Reading
  • Avoid water damage with these simple guidelines when building and inspecting your home for potential water intrusion problems. Follow these simple design and maintenance guidelines to avoid water damage. Inspection of visible plumbing pipes, correcting flawed pipe routes, and yard grade can be simple and critical weapons to use to keep your house water damage free. Nobody wishes for a house flood. ... Continue Reading