Posts from July, 2014

  • Do You Need to File a Claim? Should you file a claim with your insurance company? That’s a great question and can have big financial consequences in terms of higher premiums, higher deductibles or reduced coverage in your future. Some disaster firms will be able to tell you if you should file a claim ... Continue Reading
  • 5 Things to Do to Ensure You Don’t Come Home to a Disaster What’s the old saying: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? It’s good advice, especially with your home. Any number of things can happen and none of them are fun to deal with but you can do a lot to prevent problems before they arise. Here are 4 easy ones: Shut ... Continue Reading
  • What You Need to Know After a Water Leak or Flood It’s extremely important for your health to determine where the water is coming from. How you proceed safely is dependent on what category of water you’re dealing with. Dealing with water coming in through the roof is a lot different than a sewer back up. If you have contact ... Continue Reading