Posts from March, 2016

  • Toilet Overflow Damages Tile Flooring – Jamestown North Carolina We had a customer with a leaky toilet valve and toddlers. As any parent can attest, toilets are pretty intriguing to a youngster’s mind and they love to see what can go down the toilet. In this case it was a couple bath toys that were just enough to allow the leaking toilet ... Continue Reading
  • Quick Response Leads to Fast Dry – Walkertown, NC Some people think that insurance companies are pretty cheap and don’t pay what they deserve on claims. In our experience, that’s extremely uncommon. Most insurance companies make every effort to protect their clients and take care of their needs. The only time we see the ... Continue Reading
  • Lucky for the Homeowner, We Weren’t Hired Initially We were referred by one of the local indoor environmental specialists (IEP) that we’ve worked with in the past to a customer who had suffered a water loss that he didn’t feel was mitigated properly. He had an independent test performed showing higher than normal levels of ... Continue Reading