Posts from August, 2014

  • Mold Myths “You can clean up mold with a solution of bleach and water.” You may be able to kill a lot of the mold with bleach but that doesn’t remove the spores which are just as hazardous. Without removing the source of moisture, those spores will germinate and it will be back again ... Continue Reading
  • Wet Furniture Tip If you have any wooden furniture legs standing in water or sitting on wet carpet, lift them up as soon as possible. Many times the stain from the wood will leach out onto the carpet and may not be able to be removed. If you can’t move the furniture, put the legs on pieces of ... Continue Reading
  • Dangers of Lead Exposure During Reconstruction or Remodeling It’s important that if your home was built before 1978 you have the paint tested anywhere it will be disturbed. At STOP we use 1980 as our guideline because of the possibility that lead based paint could have been on a retail shelf for quite a while after production was ... Continue Reading
  • Speed Counts With Water Loss Act fast when you have water damage. Once you call a mitigation firm they should be there within an hour to evaluate your loss and begin the dry out. The longer water sits on a surface, the deeper it will penetrate into the material and the longer it will take to dry. Damp ... Continue Reading
  • Maintenance Suggestions In many cases, big problems start out as small maintenance issues that get overlooked. Developing a regular inspection cycle will help you keep an eye on things, get to know your home’s quirks and catch small issues that can generally be corrected with minimal disruption to ... Continue Reading